Clay Melnike, MA


Clay is a highly passionate and visionary leader, consultant and coach who is focused on helping organizations to change while building capacity, and developing and sustaining internal resources. He has worked for more than 25 years with all levels of government, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector. He believes that the key to a healthy non-profit organization is a progressive, sustainable and visionary Board of Directors.

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Diane Whittaker, MA, PCC


Diane is an experienced consultant, coach, facilitator (classroom, on-line and blended), and instructional designer who has been helping organizations and their leaders be more effective for more than 25 years. She works in collaboration with client partners across many sectors: information technology, transportation, automotive, health care, financial services, government, retirement homes and social services.

As a coach, Diane believes that everyone has the capacity to live their best life, both professionally and personally. Coaching helps clients set goals, identify barriers, make sustainable changes, and be accountable to themselves and those around them. As a facilitator, she believes that experiential learning is the best way for all learners to make tangible and sustainable change; learning is more than a set of power point slides.

Diane is a Masters-prepared (Adult Education), formally accredited coach (Coaches Training Institute and International Coaching Federation), and holds a variety of other certifications: Myers Briggs Type indicator, Leadership Circle, Personality Dimensions, Emotional Intelligence (EQi), and DISC (Thomas International).

Current and past clients include Bank of Montreal, Department of Defense, CAMI Automotive, Coaches Training Institute, Laidlaw, Seneca College, Spirax Sarco, Student Transportation America, ProserveIT, St. Thomas and Elgin General Hospital, University Hospital, Activate Aurora, St. Francis Xavier University (Adult Education Diploma program) and ACT. As well as Canada, Diane has worked extensively in the United States and also in China.

Working with aging baby boomers and their desire for a new definition of aging is a growing area of interest for Diane and Clay. Those currently over age 55 are focused on “non-retirement” or “semi-retirement”, they want an active, healthy and involved lifestyle, and they want to make contributions to their communities. They seek to develop navigational intelligence, which is the ability to explore, find and use all of the resources to create their best life in “non-retirement”.  In 2014/2015 Clay was part of a research team who identified 8 factors to successful aging and published Durable by Design, Active for Life. Diane and Clay welcome the opportunity to contribute in this area through facilitation, coaching and Masters Games.

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